Translations and Own work

Translations in book form


Tadeusz Różewicz

Faces of Anxiety, London 1969
Selected Poems, Harmondsworth, 1976
Conversation with the prince, London 1982
They came to see a poet, London 1991; 2nd enlrgd edn London 2004

Other Poets

Selected Poems, Kraków 1991, 4th enlrgd edn, Kraków 2000
Leon Stroiński: Window, London 1979
Leopold Staff: An Empty Room, Newcastle 1983
Cyprian Kamil Norwid: Poezje/Poems, Kraków 1986
Wisława Szymborska: People on a Bridge, London 1990; 2nd edn 1996
The Burning Forest, An anthology of Modern Polish Poetry, Newcastle, 1988
Jan Kochanowski, Treny, Katowice, 1996; rev.edn Oxford 2001
Cyprian Norwid, Selected Poems, London 2004


Tadeusz Różewicz

The Card-Index and other plays, London 1969
The Witnesses and other plays, London 1970
Mariage Blanc & The Hunger Artist, London 1983
The Trap, London 1997.
Reading the Apocalypse in Bed, London 1998

Zbigniew Herbert

Reconstruction of a Poet, Frontiers, Leopard III, London 1994


Wladyslaw Tatarkiewicz:History of Aesthetics, The Hague 1970
Roman Ingarden, The Work of Music and the Problem of its Identity, California University Press 1986
Leszek Kolakowski, The Presence of Myth, Chicago UP 1989
Krzysztof Michalski, Logic and Time, Kluver Academic Publ. 1996


Jerzy Szaniawski, Professor Tutka Stories, BBC Broadcast (1983)

Contributing translator

Ten Contemporary Polish Stories, ed. E.Ordon, Wayne UP, 1958
Introduction to Modern Polish Literature, eds. Gillon, Krzyzanowski & Olszer, New York, 1964, 2nd edn 1982
Polish Writing Today, ed. C.Wieniewska, Harmondsworth 1967
The Penguin Book of Socialist Verse, ed. Alan Bold, Harmondsworth, 1970
They shoot writers, don’t they? ed. G.Theiner, London 1984
Aesthetics in Twentieth-Century Poland, eds. Harrell & Wierzbiańska, Berkeley, 1973
Poetry of the Committed Individual, ed. Jon Silkin, Harmondsworth, 1973
The Faber Book of Political Verse, ed.Tom Paulin, London, 1986
Voices in the Gallery, ed.Dannie Abse, London, 1986
In Time of War, ed.Anne Harvey, Edinburgh, 1987 & 1989
Monumenta Polonica, ed.Bogdana Carpenter, Ann Arbor 1989
The Child of Europe, ed.Michael March, London 1990
Poetry Wales 25 Years, ed. C.Archard, Bridgend 1990
Poetry of Survival, ed.Daniel Weissbort, London 1991
The Faber Book of Modern European Poetry, ed. Al Alvarez, London 1992
Against Forgetting, Twentieth Century Poetry of Witness, ed. Carolyn Forché, New York 1993
Kloanica, eds. Smith & Benson, 1993
Family Business, eds. Lindop & Fisher, Cambridge 1994
Poetry of the World War II, ed. Desmond Graham, London 1995
Poetry of the Holocaust, ed. Hilda Schiff, London 1995
Ulla Lemberg, Världens Kwinnor/Women of the world, Stockholm 1995
Voices of Conscience, eds.H.Cronyn, R.McKane & S.Watts, North Shields, 1995
An Embarrassment of Tyrannies, 25 years of Index on Censorship, eds. Webb & Bell, London 1997
Bleeding Hearts, Love Poems for the Nervous & Highly Strung, ed.Michelle Lovrie, London 1998
The Spaces of Hope, ed.Peter Jay, London 1998
Scanning the Century, ed.Peter Forbes, London, 1999
Wars, ed. Angus Calder, London, 1999
Aldeborough Poetry Festival Anthology 1989-1998, eds. Blackman & Laskey, Leiston 1999
Here to Eternity, ed.Andrew Motion, London 2001
Staying Alive, ed. Neil Astley, Bloodaxe 2002
Poems for Refugees, ed. Pippa Haywood, Vintage 2002
After Shakespeare, ed. John Gross, Oxford 2002
Inside Poetry, eds R.Davies & J.Wowk, Toronto 2002
Out of Fashion, ed.Carol Ann Duffy, Faber 2004
Second World War Poems, ed.Hugh Haughton, Faber 2004

Own poetry

Translations have appeared in periodicals and anthologies in Albania, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, Holland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Romania and the USA.

Selected Poems (translated by Iain Higgins) bi-lingual edition, London 2000.

The Invention of Poetry (translated by Iain Higgins), London 2005

Own literary essays

“The Polish poet as Custodian of the Nation’s Conscience”, The Polish Review, New York 1979
“Thou Art Translated”, Modern Poetry in Translation No.43, 1981
“The Power of Taste in a Beleaguered City”, Poetry Wales, 1984
“Between Virtue and Pleasure: Modern Polish Poetry”, Encounter 1988, London
“Are poets necessary?” Poetry Review 1987, London
“Poetry as Celebration”, The Irish Review 1988
“Tadeusz Rózewicz”, Poetry Review 1989
“Poets and Painters”, The Mature Laurel, ed. A.Czerniawski, Seren Books 1991
Introduction to: Ewa Lipska, Poet? Criminal? Madman?, London 1991
“A Poetical Political History”, New Perspectives in Twentieth-Century Polish Literature, eds.S.Eile and U.Phillips, London 1992
“Words”, Bête Noire, No.12-13, 1992
“Before and after Babel”, Cogito, June 1992
“What are poets for?”, Poetry Wales, Vol.27 No.4, April 1992
“Poetry in the next millennium”, Bête Noire No.12-13, 1993
“Writing & Translating during the Cold War”, Comparative Criticism Vol.16, 1994
“Cyprian Norwid: Time for Discovery”, Modern Poetry in Translation, 1994 “The Muses and the Owl of Minerva”, Cogito, Vol.9 No.2 1995
“Norwid, Baudelaire and a Puzzle”, Norwich Papers 1995
“De Amicitia”, Thumbscrew, no 3 Autumn/Winter 1995, Oxford
“Polish poetry in the West, or the canon that fired late”, Thumbscrew no.8 1997
“The Melancholy Pursuit of Imperfection”, Metre, No.5, Dublin 1998
“Absurdity and Poetry”, PN Review, Manchester, No.129, Sept-Oct., 1999
“Poetry Translation: Theory & Practice”, Modern Poetry in Translation, London, no.15, 1999
“Polish Poetry”, Oxford Guide to Literature in English Translation, Oxford 2000
“Como Conversazione on Translation” [H.M.Enzensberger, Seamus Heaney, Eva Hofmann, Adam Czerniawski et al.], The Paris Review no.155, 2000.
“Is there everything and is everything there?”, PN Review no.129, 2001
Introduction to: Tadeusz Rózewicz, recycling, Arc Publications 2001
“Cyprian Norwid”, The Shop, No.7, 2001
“The perils of self-translation”, The Shop, No.9, 2002

Firing the Canon, Essays mainly on Poetry, London 2010


The Mature Laurel, Essays on Modern Polish Poetry, Bridgend 1991


Scenes from a disturbed childhood, London 1991; 2nd edn Monmouth, 2002
In conversation with James McCabe, Metre No.12, 2002


Numerous literary programmes for BBC Radio 3